Breakfast Served until 11:30




 Plain 2,10
 With butter 2,45
 With butter and jam 2,80
 With butter and cheese 3,05


 Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions served on bread


 Scrambled eggs served on bread.



Fried eggs over bread  
Plain 7,70
Ham 8,70
Cheese 8,70
Bacon 8,70
Ham and cheese 9,70
Bacon and cheese 9,70



We serve all lunches with multigrain bread unless otherwise indicated. If you would like white bread (spelt) instead, please let us know.

To avoid wasting vegetables, all lunches are served without garnish. Please let us know if  you would like garnish.


 Tuna salad sandwich


 Homemade tuna salad with apples, red onions, capers, chives, and lemon.


Smoked salmon sandwich with wasabi mayonnaise


Smoked salmon with sweet/spicy wasabi mayonnaise, furikake seasoning, capers, and salad.


Spicy chicken sandwich


Spicy chicken made with chicken thighs infused with our homemade spicy marinade of sweet soy sauce, Madame Jeanette pepper, bell   pepper, and various herbs served on ciabatta.


Meatball sandwich


Butcher’s meatball served on an artisan roll. Served with pickle, lettuce, satay (peanut) sauce, and fried onions.


Brie and dried ham sandwich


Brie au gratin, dried ham, walnuts, arugula, and balsamic dressing on an artisan roll.


Mozzarella, wild mushrooms, pesto mayonnaise and pancetta sandwich


Mozzarella, pan fried pancetta, sauteed mushrooms, pesto mayonnaise, bell pepper, and thyme on an artisan roll.


Pesto and wild mushrooms on ciabatta


Warm goat cheese au gratin and sauteed wild mushrooms with pesto on ciabatta.


Salad with large shrimp and Japanese dressing

Regular 16,95                      -         small 13,95

Mixed salad in garlic oil with large marinated shrimp, Japanese dressing, and sesame seeds.


Mackerel and Pancetta salad

Regular 15,95                      -       small 12,95

Mixed salad with fresh chives, tarragon, and shallots. Pan fried pancetta, smoked mackerel with homemade cocktail sauce. (While we  make every effort to carefully fillet our fish, this salad may contain small bones).


Wild mushroom salad with pecorino and croutons 

Regular 15,95   -                 small  12,95

Vegetarian salad with wild mushrooms, crunchy croutons, walnuts, and pecorino. 



Grilled cheese sandwiches 6,50
Cheese only
Cheese and ham 7,20
Fried eggs over bread  
Plain 7,70
Ham 8,70
Cheese 8,70
Bacon 8,70
Ham and cheese 9,70
Bacon and cheese 9,70
(Served with powdered sugar and syrup)
Plain 7,75
Apple and raisins 9,95
Apple and bacon 12,95
Gouda cheese 10,95
Bacon 10,95
Cheese and bacon 12,95
Kids lunches  
Grilled cheese sandwich 4,50
Grilled cheese and ham sandwich 4,95



 Cheese fondue

All cheese fondues are served with brown and white bread (baguette), tomatoes, bell peppers, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed potatoes, and a small salad


To allow for preparation, please reserve 1 day in advance. (2 person minimum).


Cheese fondue – plain (2 person minimum) 18,95 p.p.

Cheese fondue with Gruyère and Emmentaler cheese.


Cheese fondue – “Hofje van Jongkind” (2 person minimum)

25,75 p.p.

Cheese fondue with a blend of various wild mushrooms. Finished with a splash of cognac.


Cheese fondue with gorgonzola (2 person minimum) 21,95 p.p.

Cheese fondue mixed with melted gorgonzola which gives this its deliciously subtle and sensational taste.



 High Tea (2 person minimum)

24,75 p.p.

Unlimited coffee or tea (excluding mint and ginger tea). Savour various homemade hearty dishes and sweet treats. Finished off with a surprise from the chef.


To allow for planning and preparation, please reserve the High Tea two days in advance.



                  Regular              Large
Espresso 2,80 3,90
Lungo 2,80 3,90
Americano 2,80 3,90
Cappuccino 2,90 4,20
Café Latte 2,90 4,20
Latte Macchiato 3,20  
Espresso Macchiato 2,90 3,95
Flat White 4,20  
Cortado 2,90  
Milk choices for coffee and hot chocolate (normally made with whole milk)
·       Soy milk, almond milk, or oat milk                              + 0,30



Bradley’s fair trade tea (choice of various flavours)
Glass 2,95  
Pot for 1 person 5,50  
Pot for 2 persons 8,50  
Pot fresh herb tea 1 person 5,95  
Pot fresh herb tea 2 persons 8,95  
Fresh herb tea    
Mint 3,30  
Ginger 3,30  
Various homemade pies. Please ask your server.
Hot chocolate    
Choice of milk or dark 4,25  
With whipped cream

                + 0,60

Schulp juices    
Apple juice 2,80  
Pear juice 3,40  
Apple/cherry juice 3,40  
Apple/cranberry juice 3,40  
Fresh juices    
Freshly squeezed orange juice 3,45  
Cold drinks    
Still mineral water 0,25cl 2,45  
Sparkling mineral water 0,25cl 2,45  
Still mineral water 0,75cl 5,60  
Sparkling mineral water 0,75cl 5,60  
Cola/Cola Zero 2,75  
Orange soda 2,75  
Black currant soda (Cassis) 2,80  
Bitter Lemon 2,80  
Tonic 2,80  
Iced tea, Iced green tea 2,85  
Rivella 2,90  
Ginger ale 2,90  
Chocolate milk 2,50  
Glass of whole milk 2,30  
Glass of buttermilk 2,30